A Cuppa with… Anja Norris from Norris Floristry

In our latest “cuppa with” series, we enjoy a brew with the talented Anja Norris, from Norris Floristry. Anja tells us more about her business, her story and her thoughts on Glossop’s future as a hive for creativity…

Tell us about your business, service or endeavour…

NORRIS Floristry was born in early Summer 2020, during a global pandemic and on the back of some serious soul searching. We are an artisan floral design business; we are flower lovers, professional florists, design experts, collectors of beautiful visions and ideas. 

There is nothing more exciting for us than to flower up a storm when it comes to weddings, events – corporate and private – corporate partnerships, floral consultancy and life’s big or small, joyous or sombre occasions. We are passionate about floristry workshops, classes and supporting floral design projects whether as a primary contractor or providing a freelance service. Most recently, we were commissioned to install a 16m floral installation around a stage at the RHS Show Tatton Park during the recent heat wave. 

I originally trained as a professional floral designer under a European master florist back in my home town – a little lakeside town named Konstanz, perched on Germany’s southern border with Switzerland.

What makes your business unique?

What makes our business unique is the organic and intuitive style of our creations. The unusual materials, how our work ebbs and flows with the seasons and therefore creates a quite different result to traditional high street floristry. We tell stories. Stories told through flowers. And these stories are woven around the four pillars; quality, the seasons, species and stories – our work tells stories, inviting you to explore every detail. For customers, our bespoke floral designs are always threaded with the care and knowledge of who it is intended for, capturing moments that have meaning beyond the beauty of the floristry itself.

How do you feel about the future of the town and what would you like to see happen in Glossop?

I feel Glossop is on the cusp of something great. Not that it isn’t already rather marvellous of course! What I would like to see progressing is a hub for creative professionals. Workshop and studio spaces, room for entrepreneurship away from a traditional high street model, yet in a way that preserves and nurtures town centre character. I feel that Glossop provides an excellent basis for outstanding professional craftsmanship and quality of works, not just in the creative field. I would like to see a buzzing professional creative community operating no longer on grass root level, but pushing the boundaries into the wider region and competing with the likes of Sheffield and Manchester. Oh, and I would like affordable studio and workshop space!

What inspires you about Glossop?

There is much about Glossop that inspires me and my work. First of all, the nature that surrounds it. The Peaks and the glorious colours and textures that change with the season. Then there is the history and the beautiful streets of Old Glossop. Glossop’s character and its defiance to maintain its own personality unlike some other commuter towns. And finally, its people. Having lived in pretty much every corner of this island, I have found lovely people everywhere, talented people, people with a vision and grit to succeed – but never have I felt hugged by a community quite like the one in Glossop.  

Could you recommend to our readers three local businesses that you love and why?

First of all, it has to be Harvey Leonards. Even before we moved to Glossop, we were told about this little gem and then we found out that they stock our favourite beer from the Black Forest….no more questions asked. We have spent many happy hours enjoying the hospitality of the Harvey Leonards team and don’t see that changing in the future. We love the combination of sharing platters, good drinks, unhurried atmosphere, friendly staff and fellow patrons alike. And it’s within walking distance to home!

Secondly, I would like to recommend the Sewing Box on the High Street. I love the fact that we have a little sewing shop nearby. I don’t get enough time to spend on my sewing machine, but I did enjoy a sewing course there a couple of years ago which was fabulous. 

And thirdly, I would like to recommend Joe Stanton from Stantography down at the Smithy Fold. I love his style and the character of his work. I first encountered his work during one of his exhibitions a couple of years ago at his studio. The subject of the exhibit was his work around the exclusion zone at Pripjat, better known as Chernobyl. Since then our paths have crossed a number of times and I am looking forward to getting some work booked in together soon to get creative vibes flowing….or should I say flowering? 

To find our more about Anja’s incredible floral creations or to book one of her fabulous floristry workshops, visit https://www.norris.store