A cuppa with… Judith Moss from WAINS

This week, we spoke to Judith Moss from the legendary Wains Art Supplies shop that was a fixture of the town for many years. As the space will now be used by the KIN.DER project, it seems fitting that we find out more about the history of one of Glossop’s most loved independent stores – and find out what’s next for Jude and Wains as the business evolves….

Wain’s will clearly go down in history as a Glossop institution! What are some of your fondest memories of trading for 50 years?

It is with thanks to Marjorie and Ian Bradley for taking me on as a youngster, then later having faith in me to carry on their successful business, that Wains has been a huge part of my life. So many amazing memories made and shared along the way with customers, staff and sales reps, many who have become lifelong friends.

Jude and Marjorie

What have been some of the key factors in your longevity?

Over the years there has been a need to diversify to be able to keep up with new trends and ever-increasing competition from large companies and online marketing. I always wanted to keep the basic framework of the business; good customer service with a passion for and a sound knowledge of the products. I also learnt a lot from my customers, many of whom regularly brought in finished projects to show me … such a lot of talent out there!

Now your shop has left the Gasworks, what does the future hold for yourself and the business?

I was overwhelmed with so many people wishing me a happy retirement on closing the shop. However, this is still in the future. I am continuing to order and deliver to local customers and am popping up with stalls at local craft fairs. If anyone has any requirements, they just need to email me at wainservices@gmail.com and I will respond as soon as possible.

How do you feel about the future of the town and what would you like to see happen in Glossop?

Glossop has changed a lot over the years and does need a lot of work on its infrastructure. However, I have been encouraged to see that so many new independent businesses have opened in recent years. There has also been an upsurge of people using their creative talents as a work choice rather than just a hobby.

What inspires you about Glossop?

Although we can all appreciate our close proximity to Manchester and all that it has to offer, these recent strange times have made a lot of people more aware of our wonderful surrounding countryside, our parks and the amazing history of our town. The community spirit that I grew up with is still alive!

Could you recommend to our readers three local businesses that you love and why?

I would not like to single out any individual businesses as there are far too many in our local area that I would recommend for different reasons. I have always aimed and will continue to support those locally who provide such special customer service. They are the heart, and we need to give them our support for Glossop to remain the special town that it is now.