A cuppa with…Geraldine from Folky Dokey…

In our latest “cuppa with”, we chat to the lovely Gez from Folky Dokey. You may have seen her incredible floral creations on Instagram or donning many a beautiful bride or model…

Tell us about your business or venture…

Hey I’m Geraldine; owner, creator and everything else at Folky Dokey! I’m a Glossop based floral artist concentrating on flower crowns, weddings and wreaths made from dried flowers. My style is eclectic  so one day I could be creating a bold bright wreath the next a bohemian statement headpiece from foraged grasses. 

What makes you stand out from the crowd?

I’ve never really been part of a crowd! When I started Folky Dokey eight years ago, it was such a niche market  I remember really having to work hard to break the idea that dried flowers were old fashioned. Recently they’ve become so on-trend you see them everywhere, which I love because it just makes me work harder to ensure Folky Dokey keeps one step ahead and stays unique. 

What inspires you about Glossop?

It’s not going to be a massive shock to find out I’m a huge lover of nature and Glossop’s stunning valleys and moorlands are a constant source of inspiration for me – especially during the spring and autumn months. 

Any exciting news to share with us/ forthcoming plans?

I’m in the middle of making some big changes to my little business that I’ve been wanting to do for a while but I’m not quite ready to spill the beans yet, what I can say is it will mean I’ll be able to do more local workshops – which I love. 

What would you like to see in Glossop in the future?

I’m biased but Glossop needs studio space for small creative businesses at reasonable rates. I’d love to see somewhere we could thrive without worrying that it was make or break, finance wise.

Tell us your three favourite local businesses in the town – and why!

So naming my three favourite businesses is really hard because there’s so many but I’m going to have to start with Louise Elliott,  freelance make-up artist, and Lauren Elliott Photography because I’d be lost as a business without their friendship and support – plus they’re both so very talented…

Shop wise you just can’t really beat the lovely ladies at the Craft Shop!