• Tell us about your business, service or endeavour…

Organic Ceramics is based in Glossop, Derbyshire where my studio has magnificent views of the moorlands of Bleaklow and towards Kinder Scout. I make functional handmade ceramic pieces (things that are to be used and admired in the home) and ceramic accessories (think pin badges, pendants and mindfulness pebbles) .  

  • What makes your business unique?

All of my stoneware creations are hand built using a variety of tools; often things foraged from the natural world (leaves, twigs, shells), which create texture and guide the instinctive making process.

Hand building with clay gives me a beautiful feel for the final product, so while most items may have an imperfect look to them and not entirely symmetrical, I believe you will feel a connection once you hold a piece in your hands. My hope with Organic Ceramics is that I convey feeling and meaning through my handmade pottery. Being able to give a unique handmade ceramic mug or bowl has so much more feeling and emotion behind it than mass produced items. 

  • How do you feel about the future of the town and what would you like to see happen in Glossop?

I’ve lived in Glossop for 10 years now and feel very content here. The array of independent shops and businesses (on and off the High Street) give life a proper community feel.  I’m looking forward to seeing regular makers markets, which I feel could be a big attraction for the town. The arts and crafts scene feels like it’s bubbling in the background waiting to be shown off to the world, so whatever can be done to put the makers and creators on the map will be very welcomed.  I’m excited for the plans at Victoria Hall – as a venue it is bursting with potential. To see the hall fully restored and being used regularly would be a good day.

  • What inspires you about Glossop?

The glorious moorlands we have surrounding the town are a constant source of inspiration. I’m a hill walker and fell runner, and often take myself off for long adventures. Combine that with the amazing shops and restaurants and we don’t really need to go very far from home to have all we need.

  • Could you recommend to our readers three local businesses that you love and why?

It’s so hard to choose just three!  I’m entirely biased but I’d have to say Global Therapies Physio & Personal Training – I’m one half of this independent business. My partner is the physio and alongside him “fixing” people, I help people get fit for life….that’s my other hat when I’m not making ceramics!  

I also love George Street Books (who doesn’t love a good rummage round a book shop) plus it’s a community enterprise. Also, Hyssop for its delicious food and welcoming owners – a total dining experience everyone should try!