Big plans for the Town Hall

Ensuring that Glossop’s creative community has a place in the heart of the town – By Glossop Creates director, Claire Tymon.

“Glossop Town Hall has been at the centre of socio-economic and cultural life in the town since it was built in 1842. Sitting at the heart of Glossop, it supports and connects independent food traders, creative businesses, council and heritage at a local, national and even international level, providing a focal point for the town.

“Excitingly, there are huge plans afoot for this great space and High Peak Borough Council has  pledged £7M to redevelop the Town Hall into a cultural and social hub in Glossop town centre with a deadline for completion of winter 2022.  The council is currently looking to appoint a strategic partner to support the delivery of the work.

“In order to ensure the town’s creative community is nurtured and considered, the council is keen to work with Glossop Creative Trust, which Glossop Creates is part of, on the future vision and delivery of the scheme. 

Claire Tymon, director, Glossop Creates

“Glossop is home to a large number of exceptionally talented and creative people. These include musicians, artists of many varieties  – painters, sculptors, craft workers and designers – and a strong academic population. The existence and breadth of this talent is evidenced by many small businesses built around the creative sector, and as a result, there is huge scope for growth with the creative community leading the change.

“The Town Hall Complex presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity for Glossop residents, businesses and visitors; creating a place for people to come together to relax, learn, create, rehearse, or simply to visit, shop and socialise. A place where local people can come together to make a difference.

“Utilising the creative energies of our residents and businesses, we can develop new ways of working, to build community, learn new skills, and acquire new tastes – recognising Glossop as a beacon of cultural excellence, inspired by its community, and both its heritage and natural environment.

“Glossop’s creative community is speaking out and actively seeking facilities and activities to support and enhance their living. With an eclectic mix of disciplines, we can nourish Glossop’s creative and cultural economy, draw on the social and cultural capital of the town, harness energy and support start-up businesses, establish progression routes and commission projects for social good from the heart of the town.  

“As part of our Pairings residency programme, Glossop Creates is currently working with local artist Richard Knox, who is actively researching ways that we can explore and connect people to the building’s heritage.”  

For more information on the programme and to keep up with future plans, keep an eye on the Glossop Creates website.

What would you like to see in the new Town Hall? Artist studios, a cinema, co-working spaces and a historical archive or exhibition about Glossop’s heritage have all been suggested.  When Glossop last thrived, spearheaded by the textile and design industry, the Town Hall was at the centre of local life. Glossop Creates would like to hear from you about what the town needs and how we make it happen.

Please email with any ideas and feedback.

Richard Tymon Photography