Bookshop artist commissions

By Jonathan Atkinson, George Street Community Bookshop

“At the George Street Community Bookshop we’ve always had the ambition to collaborate with some of the amazing artists and creative practitioners who work and live in the area, so we’re delighted to be able to launch a series of artist commissions thanks to support from the National Lottery Awards for All programme.

“We have three lots of £2,000 that we are able to award to artists. The theme of the call is Bookshops for All’ and our ambition is to use art and creativity to forge new links with different members of the Glossopdale community, to really open up the bookshop to everyone.

“We’re asking that the artists create a link between the bookshop and their proposed work, people might host overnight storytelling performances from the shop, use the books to inspire new photography or use the shop as a stepping off point for a local walk or tour.

“We are looking for artists from a range of backgrounds and disciplines. You might be an author, musician, writer, researcher, painter, sculptor, photographer, psychogeographer, printmaker, theatre practitioner, podcaster or anything creative really!

“People don’t need to live in Glossop, but the work must take place here and involve local people. Ideally the residency would be around six weeks in length (but it could be as short as one month and as long as three) and we are aiming to award the residencies by the end of July and with the plan for them to take place in autumn/winter 2022/3.

“We have a top team of people helping to select the artists (again reflecting the creativity of the local area) including the Director of the Creative Ageing Development Agency, Virginia Tandy and curator Claire Tymon on behalf of Glossop Creates.
“The deadline for submissions is Monday 18th July 2022 and all the details are on our website  or available by emailing