Eight small, low budget marketing ideas for big business boosts this Spring

April 12th was a significant date in the diary for many independent businesses in Glossop and its surrounding villages, as “non-essential” retail, health and beauty and gyms were finally allowed to open their doors after many, many months of closure.

To give Glossop a boost during this key trading time, Glossop Creates has teamed up with Dark Peak Press, which – using striking design and creativity – has masterminded a campaign to help independent businesses get back on their feet.

Love Glossop, Support Local has been designed to raise awareness of the incredible variety of local shops and other businesses in our town and its surrounding villages, including retail, food and drink outlets, hospitality venues, charities and other services that support the needs of the local community.

To encourage the wider community to get behind the initiative, the fabulous Love Glossop, Support Local ‘stamp’ has been immortalised onto reusable tote shopping bags, badges and posters for businesses, so they take part in the inclusive campaign, feel part of a wider movement and give a little something back to the town’s visitors and consumers.

As well as taking part in the Love Glossop, Support Local campaign, we have pulled together a list of eight easy, effective and good value marketing ideas that independent businesses and services can implement to boost business further as we ease further out of the Covid19 lockdowns:

  1. Social media competitions

Harnessing the power of social media can be a great, low cost way to raise awareness of your products or services, and running competitions is a great tactic to increase follower numbers, encourage engagement and get people talking. 

Competitions can form part of wider marketing campaigns, or they can simply be one-offs to give your business a boost, shout about a new product range or drum up some interest for a new offering.

Choose your platform wisely depending on your business and audience, and ensure that you read up on that platform’s rules and regulations for running giveaways to avoid violating any guidelines. It’s also worth drawing up some basic terms and conditions to ensure all the rules and prize details are clearly outlined.

After that, have some fun! Why not ask followers to caption a funny picture, come up with a name for a new product or tag friends that may be in need of a treat. For extra user-generated content, you can ask followers to send in pictures or tag your business for another way of promoting your business. 

There are loads of ideas for competitions on social media and online, so have a think about ways you can amplify your business using some simple yet fun mechanics. 

  1. Freebies with larger spends in store

This one’s self-explanatory, but offering a small freebie with a certain spend total in-store can be a simple way to increase basket spend while making shoppers happy, too! From bunches of daffodils to reusable tote shopping bags (have you seen our Love Glossop, Support Local ones?), giving away a little something may just persuade customers to spend a bit more. 

This tactic can also work if you wanted to highlight new products too, as giving away smaller samples of new lines with larger spends may whet customer appetite by introducing them to your new or forthcoming lines, or to gather some feedback on products in development.

  1. Collaborations with other independents

Collaboration really is the name of the game when it comes to smaller towns such as Glossop, as – by creating a buzz and nurturing a friendly, upbeat, positive and inclusive vibe for shoppers and consumers – this will have a knock-on effect for all businesses in the community. 

Why not team up with another business in the town to offer a joint promotion, where shoppers can buy items that go well together and save money? Mettricks and Harvey Leonard’s have run collaborations in the past, by matching wines to key seasonal offerings – such as Valentine’s steaks – from the well-known butchers! Great idea!

If you offer any items that complement another retailer’s products, why not approach them to devise a collaboration?

  1. Loyalty cards for shoppers 

If you are a business that relies on smaller repeat purchases (such as take-out coffees or sandwiches), a loyalty card scheme can work well to encourage regular footfall and encourage customer loyalty. 

You can keep it super simple and use an online printing service to make them for you, or use one of Glossop’s excellent creative businesses to produce something a little more professional. Choose either a stamp or punch option, whatever works best for you.

Decide on some rules or terms and conditions, and start giving them out to regulars. Simple!

  1. Make “behind the scenes” videos for Stories

Ephemeral content platforms such as Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories and Snapchat are great for showcasing behind the scenes video content, or more personal, lighthearted content focused on yourself and your team members. 

Showing behind the scenes clips can help viewers and customers understand the personalities behind the brand, watch you at work, see the creative process as it happens and feel more connected to the brand and what you’re trying to achieve. Storytelling is a great engagement tool, and platforms such as Stories really helps you to bring your business to life.

  1. Start a blog and create your own content

Starting a blog can showcase your expertise and position you as an authority in your field, but they can also help with things like SEO too…

Creating content can help you to be more visible, help drive people to your website or social channels, and build a community in ways that product or business advertising cannot.

Before starting a blog, it’s a good idea to brainstorm lots of interesting topics and set aside some time every week to write.

  1. Register with Google My Business 

Sometimes, simple mechanics can make a huge difference, and claiming your business on Google is one of the ways that you can instantly increase your visibility online.

By creating a free listing with Google, you can connect with customers using Google search and maps, too.  Find out more and get started here.

  1. Join Glossop Creates!

Lastly, if you are an independent creative business or service in Glossop and its surrounding villages, please join the Glossop Creates website for more visibility and an inclusive community of support!

Funded by the Arts Council of England, The Glossop Creates website introduces local residents and visitors alike to Glossop’s creative community – including local artists, writers, musicians, designers, chefs and makers – and positions Glossop as a creative, vibrant town which promotes wellbeing and creates opportunities to engage in cultural activities.  The campaign aims to empower Glossop’s creative community to come together, create ideas and lead the change it wants to see. You can find out more about Glossop Creates on our About page.

You can submit a business listing by clicking here. Please make sure you add as much detail as possible, including your website, business location, opening hours, contact details and social handles. 

Upload as many pictures as you can of your products and services – high res if possible – and a high res logo too. This will help to bring your business and offerings to life.