The art of blacksmithing is relatively new to me; My grandad was a blacksmith, but unfortunately he passed away before he could teach me.  I started a few years ago, using a small home-built forge, in which I make the things I liked.  Things that provide technical challenges and, by way of trial and error I learn about blacksmithing.  I never went to a technical college so everything has to be learnt in a non conventional way.  I also learn from working alongside established blacksmiths.
Like any I had to make some of my tools myself, others I carefully sourced.  I now run a gas forge along with a coal forge which enables me to control the heat and make different things.

Forging is enjoyable and physically demanding.  I like seeing the indentations and hammer marks on a piece of metal.  In a lot of the things I make the metal is worked in full.  No smooth pieces from the foundry produced steel stock are be left un-touched by hammer and anvil.  In other pieces the hammering is kept to a minimum to achieve a more sleek modern look.  Different approaches and the fact that everything is hand made makes no two pieces alike.






Glossop, UK

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