Featherbed Tales provides beautiful recordable digital picture books for people who can't be there for story time with their children - connecting children with absent parents, grandparents, friends and relatives through magical story times.  Whatever the reason families are separated, from a child being in hospital, starting at nursery, grandparents not living close by or parents working or travelling away, the sound of a loved one's voice can provide reassurance and comfort - especially when combined with a story.

The Featherbed Tales' website enables you to record and share digital picture books with anyone anywhere in the world.  A unique product launched in November 2020, our clients include children's hospitals and charities and our books are now available through the libraries in Suffolk and other libraries soon to be announced. Also available to purchase directly from our website, our range of books is now complemented by some free content in the form of recordable nursery rhymes - so children and adults alike can have fun recording and sharing - all without charge.

Conceived and created in Glossop, all of Featherbed Tales' current storybooks are written by Caroline England, a Glossop-based writer.  The bright, colourful and fun illustrations are created by South African artists Tori Stowe and perfectly bring to life Caroline's story  characters.

Featherbed Tales really can help to connect separated families - for children missing their loved ones, to children making their own charming story recordings for older relatives who may feel isolated and lonely. And, in a time when concerns are heightened over children's delayed speech and language development, children can have fun recording and listening to themselves reading and learning all at the same time.

All storybooks come with a pre-recorded audio track recorded by well-loved Glossopian actor Howard Chadwick - to enjoy as a ready-made story - plus an additional 4 audio tracks to create your own recordings too.



Glossop, UK