KIN.DER is a creative co-operative space.

Inside KIN.DER you will find a gift shop, print studio and a creative hub.

KIN.DER is currently home to - LOCAL, Glossop Creates, Dark Peak Press , Lauren Riley Design,  Richard Knox & Richard Tymon Photography.

The gift shop and studio is run by Lauren & Richard where they offer printing services  and workshops in screen printing & Risograph.

WAN.DER is a programme of curated walks initiated by Claire Tymon and run by the KIN.DER team from the venue on Arundel St.

Together the KIN.DER team produce a ZINE which aims to highlight Glossopdale's culture, current affairs and artworks.

Follow us on Insta & FB to keep up to date on all things KIN.DER or pop into the shop Wednesday - Saturday 10am - 4pm!!!



1 Arundel St, Glossop SK13 7AB, UK