Internationally respected composer Peter’s musical eloquence has brought his work to the attention of musicians across the world, where his music has been performed, recorded and broadcast. An independent approach to composition, writing in all genres and forms of music, developed his own individual musical palette; crossing boundaries, which has gained him much recognition.

In the recording studio, alongside his work with classical ensembles, he includes writing and arranging for pop, rock and folk musicians for both album release and concert performances, adding strings, etc, to give their work another edge.

Directing, writing and arranging music for a wide range of theatre productions, providing music for art exhibitions and installations at galleries, writing soundtracks for films, that have been used by directors, animators and dancers, are all part of a growing portfolio.

Guest lecturer in composition and arranging at colleges and universities, facilitating workshops, chairing national music organisation meetings, as well as being asked to speak at seminars. He hosts a popular radio show ‘Trust Me….I’m A Composer,’ also writing CD and book reviews for music journals and magazines too.

He continues to this day, to be inspired in creating music for the 21st century.