Richard is a photographer specialising in portraiture, with work published in the New York Times, BBC publications and GQ.

Richard is also involved with arts organisations such as Manchester International Festival, and has been Burnley College's resident photographer for the last three years.  As well as taking pictures of people, Richard also offers product photography as part of his remit, which provides varied work in a wide range of sectors.

Photography was a hobby for Richard, but morphed into a full time pursuit when he enrolled on a photography degree course, after leaving his previous job that involved working long hours, evenings and weekends - something that isn’t ideal with small children.  After enrolling on the course, Richard began freelancing and subsequently graduated with a first class honours degree from Lancaster University.

Richard says: Collaborating with other creatives definitely inspires and motivates me. I love seeing artists create something - which can be anything from a steel pig to a performance piece - and photographing that process. I often look back on my artist commissions with a great sense of pride.

“As COVID19 continues to affect the economy, my short-term business plan has to adapt, but I am excited to be working on more self-initiated projects again.”

Richard lives in Hadfield, Glossop with his wife Claire, two children aged 9 and 11, and his dog, who is soon to turn 16.  Rich enjoys walking in the Peak District, visiting galleries and museums and follows Sheffield Wednesday football club.




07720 837867



Hadfield, Glossop, UK