Take Part provides high quality education in the field of Performing Arts to people of all ages within our local communities and beyond. Our key provision is aimed at young people, but our services continue to expand in response to demand and our outreach agenda. Our service is completely inclusive and promotes creativity, social and personal development and resilience whilst maintaining our promise of quality education.

Take Part believes in making a difference to individuals and ultimately changing lives. It serves as an invitation to belong, to join others in an alternative vision of the future – moving forward to make happier, more fulfilled lives, igniting a passion for performance and promoting more creative communities. We exist for the primary benefit of others.

Take Part has grown into a fully inclusive, creative community for all who SHARE in a passion for Performing Arts and the wellbeing rewards it brings. It is about the future, direction and inspiration for lifetimes beyond our own, and what better time to start thinking about the future!

Our team is made up of industry professionals who CARE about children and young people. No matter what direction the child in front of them chooses to follow, the Take Part Team provides an opportunity to nurture their natural abilities, enhancing self-confidence to engage and contribute fully. They PREPARE them to fulfil their true potential; inspiring, igniting and empowering young people with hope and optimism as they DARE to move through their individual life journeys.

"We believe that every individual deserves the opportunity to access the magic of Performing Arts and the associated wellbeing benefits that they provide.”



Glossop SK13 2DA, UK