Supporting local business in the cost of living crisis – seven ways to help

As the cost of living crisis rumbles on, and energy bills, food prices and interest rates go up up up, supporting local and shopping small can seem like a tough proposition.

After all, with online services such as Amazon Prime available at the click of a button, and purse strings tightening all round, buying from local makers and giving your business to local hospitality outlets may seem like pricier or more inconvenient options at times.

However, towns such as Glossop are built on independent ventures, local culture, creativity and small businesses. The DNA of the area is fused with all of these things, and together they make up the high street, the vibe, the scene – the town we are proud to live in.

Supporting local and shopping small in tougher times is crucial – if not critical – to a town’s survival. With this in mind, here are seven ways you can help…

Stay local for celebrations

Glossop and its surrounding villages boast many incredible eateries and venues, so stay local for birthdays, anniversaries and occasions rather than schlepping off further afield.  With amazing spots on offer such as Harvey Leonard’s for serious wine lovers, Distant Hills Brewery for incredible small plates, pubs such as The Oakwood and Victoria Lounge for serious cocktails and Sunday lunches and The Mixologist for bottomless brunches, the town has all you need.

Make sure you show up for tables and keep our fabulous food and drink scene thriving. As an additional bonus, you’ll save on fuel costs too!

Buy gifts locally

If everyone in Glossopdale purchased just one or two gifts for Christmas locally, the effect on the local economy would be incredible.  So support local artists, printmakers, crafters,  makers and shops by grabbing a few items from the local high street and from local craft fairs as part of your festive shopping. What’s more, you’ll be able to pick up some unique, beautiful items for family and friends that are not widely available to all. Win win!

The high street boasts shops such as The Artful Pigeon Gallery, KIN.DER and Dark Peak Books which stock beautiful gift items, and High Peak Makers Market runs a regular event on the first Sunday of every month at Victoria Hall. You can also browse online, as well loved shops like Dandelion Crafts are now fully digital and offer a wide range of hand-made items that can be ordered with a few clicks. 

Choose locally produced food and drinks 

When visiting our fantastic range of bars, cafes and shops, look out for locally-made food, drinks and items that are on offer. Popping into Two Hares, The Artful Pigeon Gallery or Glossop Wholefoods is wonderful, but choosing products from local makers while you’re there means a double whammy for the local economy.

Support on social

Show your love for local businesses by sharing and engaging on their social media posts. Often, smaller businesses use platforms such as Instagram and Facebook as shop windows for products and services, and to communicate with their customers, but social algorithms can mean that posts can go unseen by many followers. Share and engage where you can to bolster their posts and spread the love with your own friends and family members. 

At the same time, think twice before complaining about local businesses and makers on these platforms. Legitimate concerns and negative feedback can easily be communicated directly without the need for sharing with wider groups and on newsfeeds. In tough climates, poor reviews can have devastating effects on small businesses and individuals.

Lobby lobby lobby!

Use your voice to lobby and communicate your feelings with local MPs and councillors to ensure they are representing local businesses and independent makers in Parliament and with other decision makers. Make sure your concerns are heard with letters and emails, sign petitions and get involved with wider activities that you feel strongly about. Small ripples can become bigger waves if we stick together!

Don’t throw stuff away

Recycle items such as books, clothes and toys by giving them to community organisations and venues such as George Street Community Bookshop, The Hummingbird Project and Cascade, and donate items to local food banks where possible. These businesses and organisations support local people and by helping those in need, we create a better environment and a more buoyant climate for all of us.

Visit exhibitions, makers markets and more 

Show your support for local creatives and makers by attending events and activities, even if it’s just to view the work or get ideas for the future. There is a regular calendar of markets, craft fairs and more in Glossop and around, so pop into them where you can – you’re sure to be delighted at the wonderful locally-made products you can pick up.
If you’re a local indie business, creative or maker and need some support, get in touch at