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Dark Peak Young Voices

Join an exciting new youth choir! Starting on Tuesday 15 November 2022. For ages 9-13, Dark Peak Young Voices meets on Tuesday evenings 5-6:30pm during term time and is led by expert singing and music tutors. Discover great new music, develop your singing technique and make new friends. Sign up at Delivered by Dark Peak Music Foundation in partnership with Platform 3 and generously supported by Derbyshire Music Education Hub.

Vicki Jordan Art

I am a printmaker, creating original linocut, intaglio and monotype prints. Much of my work is inspired by nature & folklore, and by the wonderful places & landscapes of the UK.

Adrian Lambert Photography

Adrian was born and raised in Glossop. He came of age on cups of tea, biftas, pints of Snakebite, and an unhealthy dose of American hair metal. He sang and wrote for the unfortunately named Porn Orchard rock band with local friends Slacky, Jim, and Bren (they sorted the name thing out eventually). Relevantly, in 1989 between high school finishing and University starting, he jagged a summer job driving a van for a slightly hedonistic Manchester based photographer who’d lost his driving license. He gave uni the flick, but kept gigging. He didn’t get a lot of sleep for the next few years. In ’95 he fell for an Aussie girl and headed off to Western Australia where he started to buckle down. A couple of years in and he had a job for a great photographer, Robert Frith, where he began photographing sports and cultural icons for local and international culture magazines, the homes of the rich and famous for interior magazines, and iconic new buildings for the region’s relevant architectural and interior design studios such as Hassell and Woods Bagot. He worked with countless artists and collections documenting artwork by the likes of Warhol, Magritte, Picasso, and their contemporaries. There were advertising commissions for the finer brands of the region, year after year there were prospectuses and marketing campaigns for the five major universities in the state, tourism and travel stories for in-flight travel mags, books for publishers, wine for wineries, jewellers, financial institutions, and hanging out of helicopters for property developers. It was a period of wondrous intensity that placed him slap bang in the epicentre of a fast growing, culturally diverse, and an aesthetically valued corner of the globe. Then, in 2012 with his young family (again not getting much sleep), he fell back into the gravitational influence of Glossop, returning to focus on family and establishing his own business. Commissions started to grow again included whiskey brands such as Royal Salute, the Glenlivet, and Aberlour; LFCs new stand at Anfield and several extravagant fitouts at the Wembley and St Mary’s stadiums for KSS; the iconic Corn Exchange refurbishment in Manchester for 5Plus; the performance art exhibit What is the City but the People? for HawkinsBrown and MIF; portraits of musicians such as art rockers Dutch Uncles, composer Robin Richards, and 'the U.K.s leading double bass soloist' Toby Hughes. But best of all, local heroes - the popular landscape painter and long time friend Simon Parkin, Jack Badger Ltd, Howardtown Brewery, Peaky’s Gin, Hetherington Newman, the concert pianist Ben Powell, and a book about the work of the renowned figurative painter Ghislaine Howard. Offering Pro Bono work was instilled in him during his time in Australia. He's made photographs for the Partington Players Theatre and its new bar; documented artist Micah Purnell’s installation for the This is the Place book to support victims of the Manchester Arena suicide bomber; the Totally Locally Glossop campaign and its participants; Glossop and Buxton’s food banks; the inspiring story of the refurbishment of Carl Marshall’s home by a collection of generous local; and Michael Howard and Peter Byron-Smith's opera in formation, "The Good Lady Ducayne". He’s added his personal art and documentary work into this pot with a year long personal project working with G.C.S.E. art students at the old Glossopdale Community College to preserve the final year of what was once his own high school; documentary commissions for Bruntwood and landscape designers Planit-IE documenting the pioneer species (weeds to you and me) of Manchester for exhibit at the Tatton Park RHS Show; the heritage and development of NOMA the new district of Manchester; national and international exhibits of his personal work including a talk at the Nederlands Fotomuseum in Rotterdam as part of Rotterdam Photo 2020; a project to document the people of Glossop in isolation as the pandemic took hold of the U.K.; and two winning entries in the British Journal of Photography’s five year run of Portrait of Britain competitions - both portraits made in Glossop. Adrian continues to continue evolving. He’s currently establishing a micro publishing business making limited print run photobooks and traditional darkroom prints in part to stir our feelings about the increasingly fleeting nature of photographs in the age of electronic media. The first book of which Thegither, a collaboration with the acclaimed poet Stuart A. Paterson was published in August 2020. Together (thegither in Scots), but in isolation, they explore their experiences of lockdown. Stuart in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland and Adrian in Glossop. Stuart was since named Scots Poet of 2020. From his slightly wild beginnings - convincing a major client of his first employer that photography supplied was created by the employer who was actually on holiday, when it was in fact Adrian's work - he has believed that photography is a pertinent form of communication and personal expression. It has a particular vernacular that distinguishes it, yielding a strong psychological delivery through its notions of evidence and the moment in combination with the proposal of scrutiny. Besides all of the pumped up, hyped up, and sometimes jumped up listed experience, which obviously he isn't doing all day everyday, he really really cherishes working with people, who do real things, driven by a honest desire to hone a living doing something relevant, without screwing up the planet or its inhabitants. He loves having a bit more time these days to watch his two wonderful daughters growing up - and his two little cats now too. He's not a big fan of sport but he likes fresh air and exercising. He loves books too, but isn't keen on writing - particularly in the third person 🤷‍♂️

George Street Community Bookshop

We are a group of local volunteers running the George Street Community Bookshop. Whilst the shop is closed due to Covid19, we are still offering a delivery service to the Glossopdale area with secure online payment. Please see our website for more details.

Barbara Helm Art

As an artist and printmaker, producing work that covers a variety of techniques and sometimes combines print with other media, I constantly examine, experiment and draw inspiration from my own life and my experiences of the natural world. Art for me is about making and the satisfaction I gain from creating work that comes from the amalgamation of perception and interpretation.


The Glossop Hop pub crawl!

A pub crawl around Glorious Glossop


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